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January 2004
Not many people come from a family of 15 children, but Sister Annice McClure makes that proud boast often. She was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1932, in the midst of the Great Depression. Her heritage is quite a mixture--Mom was 100% Slavic and a staunch Roman Catholic while Dad was Scotch-Irish and of the Baptist tradition. However Mrs. McClure did not allow the Baptist influence to touch her children. All of them were raised steeped in the Catholic faith. Some of this must have rubbed off as soon Dad converted to Catholicism.
Gladys McClure was the 5th child of the 15 born to Anna and Norman McClure. Early in her life, she learned how to live in community, to care for younger siblings including changing diapers and patching cuts and bruises. She attended St. Patrick Grade School and St. Joseph Academy in Green Bay. Mrs. McClure intervened for lower tuition for her youngsters since funds were too tight to pay full tuition for such a large brood. During high school, Gladys worked at St. Vincent Hospital to earn her tuition money and to see first hand if nursing was to be her chosen profession. While she was working at St. Vincent’s, she came into contact with several of the Sisters whom she grew to admire. She also saw their shortcomings which encouraged her that she could become a Sister without being perfect!
Waiting for God's Voice
Like many girls who attended Catholic schools and were taught by the Sisters, Gladys had thoughts of entering religious life throughout her childhood and adolescence. Also, like many others, the idea came and went at different times. One evening when she was baby-sitting her younger siblings, she coerced them into saying their bedtime prayers. At that moment, Gladys experienced a feeling that God took hold of her with a great, loving force and asked for her heart. In her exuberance, she made a commitment and has never looked back or regretted the decision.
Serving for 50 Years and There's No Stopping Her Now!
Gladys entered the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis on February 2, 1951. Eight months later, she became a novice and was given the name Sister Annice. Following her first profession of vows on October 4, 1953, she began to study nursing and dietetics. Sister Annice has served the Community in a wide variety of apostolic settings; these include nursing and dietetics in several HSHS hospitals, home nursing, hospice nursing, parish ministry, and service as a missionary in Haiti. For many years, she has been active in various programs that focused on the issues of peace and justice. 

At the present time, Sister Annice has returned to her roots--Green Bay and St. Vincent Hospital. She works with oncology patients and with employees always imparting the Franciscan values of peace, justice, and joy. It has been over fifty years since a young, exuberant Gladys McClure said "Yes" to an invitation from God to embrace religious life; now Sister Annice continues to strive to live that life to the fullest until the time comes for her to see this loving God face to face! 

Hospital Sisters of St. Francis 4 849 LaVerna Road, Springfield, IL 62707 (217)522-3386
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